Sea urchins are the real bomb, they give an explosion of the sea in every bite!

Homemade taglierini neri are an excellent base to enhance the taste of sea urchins, with a sauce of yellow cherry tomatoes with oregano, thyme and black garlic, and finally a pinch of chilli pepper.

The dish is completed with rich pulp and Salina caper powder.

 Wine pairing:
Orpicchio white still wine Riserva limited production Fattoria Dianella Tuscany 750ml – 45€
Champagne Barbier Louvet Cuvée Ensemble Grand Cru (60% PN+40% CH 8gr. – malo – 42m) 750ml – 59€
Erede Brut Nature Cupelli (60 months on the lees) Tuscany 750ml – 37€
Erede Brut Rosè Cupelli (36 mesi) 750ml – 30€

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