A crumbly olive oil pastry encloses a fermented cashew cream, red prawn jus, Mazzara red prawns and cornflower caviar.

The complexity of flavour of the fermented cream goes well with the prawn sauce to be enjoyed with red prawn tails and pearls made from cornflower and lemon infusion.

An original and innovative recipe that emphasises the quality of the raw materials with particular attention to enhancing the flavour of the red prawns

Wine pairing:
– Orpicchio white still wine Riserva limited production Fattoria Dianella Tuscany 750ml – 45€
– Champagne Barbier Louvet Cuvée Ensemble Grand Cru (60% PN+40% CH 8gr. – malo – 42m) 750ml – 59€
– Cervaro della Sala Antinori – white still wine Tuscany 750ml – 69€

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