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FAQ – Frequently asked question

Who's in charge of grocery shopping?

Happy Jack Ches’s team of course! Once the menu is established we will go to buy the raw materials from our selected suppliers. Organic and local farms and grocery, and fishmongers. We only select the best ingredients! You will be asked to notify us of possible food allergies of each diner.

What time do you come home to make dinner?

The meal time will be decided by you. Calculate that we will arrive at your home about 3 hours in advance to prepare the recipes.

Do you need equipment and to see the kitchen?

We will bring with us all the tools and special equipment needed to carry out the recipes. We know we will find basic equipment in your kitchen such as an oven, pots for boiling water, some cutlery or ladles, or other basic equipment that is always present in all kitchens. If your kitchen is empty of everything please let us know, and we will take care of every detail, thank you! We will need some available space in your refrigerator.
Except in rare cases, it is not necessary to make an inspection to see the kitchen, we just need to receive basic information, we are used to working in new kitchens all the time!

Who's in charge of cleaning the kitchen?

We take care of the cleaning of the kitchen at the end of the service, to leave the kitchen as we found it. All that is left for you to do is enjoy the evening!

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