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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who's in charge of grocery shopping?

Happy Jack – Healthy Food! Once the menu is established we will go to buy the raw materials from our selected suppliers. Organic farms and grocery, and fishmongers. We only select the best ingredients!

What time do you come home to make dinner?

Unless otherwise stated, we will arrive at the site around 5 p.m. to serve you dinner at 8 p.m.

Do you need equipment and to see the kitchen?

We’ll bring everything you need to make dinner. We just need to know what kind of kitchen we will use (gas, glass ceramic, induction) and what are the spaces available to us. Except in exceptional cases, we do not need to carry out an inspection.

Who's in charge of cleaning the kitchen?

We of course! We take care of the table service and at the end of the service, we clean the kitchen and all utensils. All you have to do is enjoy the evening!

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